From Fear to Love

How to Heal the Emotional Disconnect

It’s obvious, after 30 years as a therapist/coach and work online, that to love and be loved deeply is CRITICAL.

You can have all the money in the world, and drive a Bentley; you can have success (however you want to define that word) but if the mutually shared love with your partner disintegrates, your world, health and well being is shattered. The pain is indescribable.

You need to love and be loved, not merely on the surface… but deeply!

This process of healing, starting over and rebuilding with a deeper and better Love demands particular steps.

Core Issue = Your FEAR

You MUST address the CORE ISSUE. Your marriage or relationship will AGAIN implode, in the future, if you don’t.

You must address the FEAR.

Yes, relationships fail because of fear.

Fear leads to tension, tension to defensiveness and defensiveness to debilitating patterns that erode love and generate crises.

Your fear raises its ugly head when:

  1. You fear that your other will reject or abandon you and so you live with one eye focused on this possibility.
  2. You fear you are unlovable. You fear you are defective – sexually, emotionally or in other ways.
  3. You fear you won’t perform well enough (verbally, sexually, emotionally) to “keep your partner.”

These are the fears that make love and being loved deeply IMPOSSIBLE!

Love Should be Natural and EASY, Right?

Unfortunately, much if not most of conventional marital advice does NOT get at the fear issue, and in reality often generates more fear and uncertainty.

Love within the context of fear is tenuous and tension laden.

You live on the edge, are hypervigilent and revert to old patterns that maintain emotional distance. Love is difficult!

In the past 5 years, as I’ve reflected on my clinical research, work with thousands and my own personal experience, a model for a love that flows naturally, powerfully and easily has emerged.

Love should be natural, right? Love should be easy, not difficult, correct? True and deep love should just be there, where you don’t have to “work at it,” right?

It should and it can!

Level 2 offers the FORMULA and supporting critical information that takes you step by step through the process of overcoming the fear (getting rid of it) and creating love.

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Love Should be Natural and EASY, Right?

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