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Marriage Help - Healing the Emotional Disconnect

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What Others Say

I think i just had my "bing" moment!! Oh my gravy, Dr. Bob it all makes perfect sense now. I mean I know the work isn't done, not by a far stretch, but after reading this I felt a sudden calm fall over me that I’ve never experienced!! Suddenly I  can breathe!!! THANK YOU FROM BOTTOM OF MY LESS ACHING HEART!! THANK YOU!!!


I have felt like a hamster, trapped in a wheel, going around and around through despair, anger, confusion; wondering how this could have happened, what I did wrong, what to do next etc… Your material is just fantastic and you will never know how much you have helped me through this terrible painful time.


This knowledge helped to saved my marriage . Much grateful.



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About Dr. Bob Huizenga

Dr. Bob Huizenga began his private practice as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in 1981 and logged over 25,000 direct client care hours. In 2002 he wrote one of the first and best seling ebooks on infidelity. Break Free From The Afair“. In adition, He recently created the Infidelity Receovery Center and the Marriage Building Online Course. He Continues to create practical ground breaking resources and virtually coach couples and individuals.

As one of your members, I just wanted to say thank you for your web site and for all you do to help others get through such a difficult time in their lives. Thanks again for your site because it helps put me back on the path of reality and truth and gives me comfort and hope. May God bless.


Thank you for helping me through a painful healing journey. My husband and I are back on track with our marriage of 25 years. Warm Regards.


I want you to know that your course helped me far more than any of the others because it was straight forward, real and doable.


Your writings not only saved my marriage, but also my life. My pain is still not over, as I discovered that my wife of 20 years has been having long term affairs on the side for 17 of these years, including the period over which we were having children. I read your materials over and over, and they helped tremendously to understand her problems as well as mine. It’s taken me a year and half to get myself together, but my new business is thriving and we are still together. And perhaps for the first time we are ‘really’ together.


Bob-------I want to thank you for your wisdom. My wife has really stepped up to the plate and we have been making great progress. I believe we are going to take our marriage to the next level.


I've been telling myself to stop trying to save my marriage like you told me to. I can't explain why but it is working at lowering my anxiety over the situation,


What a relief to know this crisis was normal and necessary! My spouse isn't evil..Just searching like me! I have hope. We are still on the 3 steps.forward and the odd back. But I now have my personal power back.